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    Paint Me Positive is a program I have created to bring to students of all ages, geared toward helping them develop the skills needed in everyday living through multi medium art practices, with experienced and trusted advisors.


    Expressing one’s self artistically can help improve self-­esteem, manage behaviors and feelings, help reduce stress and tension and build both social and communication skills while creating positive relationships with adults and peers. The ultimate reward for such practices is to gain a deeper understanding of one’s self, as some concepts are difficult to express through words and are with limited range.


    Our time together consists of art based projects such as:

● Painting our emotions through color on canvas.

● Draw an experience where you did something you didn't think you could do.

● Create a past, present and future self portrait.

● Inner vs. Outer Self Mask Making.



In a society overwhelmed by followers, I will do my best to "paint" tomorrow's leaders through artistic self expression.

Look For Various Locations For This Class SOON!

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